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Indigenous Motherhood

The latest work of Zoe Urness.



"Native women hold a sacred role in the balance and preservation of Indigenous ways of life, for they are the torchbearers for tradition and life itself. My Tlingit tribe is Matrilineal, and this is a major aspect of our culture because it means we are born into our mother’s clan. In this project, I will use my camera to tell visual stories about Indigenous motherhood.The transformation I have experienced as a new mother is the inspiration for this project. These images are cinematic and have a deep connection to Mother Earth, represented through varied landscapes."

- Zoe Urness

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Native Americans: Keeping the Traditions Alive



Somewhere in her early career, Urness began studying the work of Edward S. Curtis, whose mission was to document Indigenous peoples as a ‘vanishing race.’ His black and white and sepia toned portraits of Native subjects in their traditional regalia comprise some of the earliest and most revered photographic records of Native Americans in existence. In viewing Curtis’ images, something clicked for Urness. Rather than seeing the works as relics of the past, she saw herself and her own tribal members in those images. She felt an instant calling to pick up her camera and be the one behind the lens, a modern Indigenous woman, capturing and telling the visual narrative of Native peoples and cultures not vanishing, but very much alive today. 'Native Americans: Keeping the Traditions Alive', was born from this inspiration. In this project she photographs tribes across the US, with continued fascination in documenting and exploring the nuances of each tribe’s expression of their culture and traditions in connection to their ancestral landscape and habitat.

Collector's Portfolio | Hardcover Book

“This is more than just a book, it's the first time I’m offering a collection of my work all in one place, in a limited edition collectors' portfolio or hardcover book."

- Zoë

"Zoe, your book is spectacular. A beautiful representation of a true artist’s work. We have enjoyed having your work in our home for a number of years. Now we can relax and share it with visiting friends. Museum quality on our coffee table. Thank you for this great idea." 

- Jon and Cara

Limited Edition Art Collector's Book with Presentation Box- 10x10
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Standing Rock

No Spiritual Surrender


About this collection

"As a native photographer from the Tlingit & Cherokee tribe being able to witness history unfold in array of events only predicated through prophesy has left me Forever Changed and reunited with my cultural roots, like the ones that were instilled in me as a child. Power of prayer and council. Belief in the spiritual workings from ancient times is a weapon that doesn't need violence to win. History has been made in the unity of us all, spreading healing all around. On December 5th, 2016 outside Cannon Ball, North Dakota at Oceti Sakowin Camp on the edge of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, military veterans march in support of the water protectors." - Zoë


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